muga pitch

A muga pitch, often called a multi use games area, is a perfect way to increase sporting activity at schools with limited space. MUGAs allow schools to offer football, netball, hockey and tennis all on the same surface, saving on both money and maintenance costs that would be needed to build separate pitches.

Unlike natural grass sports pitches, which can become muddy, patchy and waterlogged in bad weather, MUGAs have a different surfacing that means they stay free draining. They also don’t require weed killers, fertilisers and pesticides for maintenance, which can save money as well as time for the caretaker!

The Ultimate Guide to Muga Pitches: What You Need to Know

When selecting the right MUGA surface for your school, it is important to choose one which offers a high level of grip and durability. MUGAs come in a range of finishes including type 1 and 2 macadam which is a standard surface finish for sports like tennis, netball and basketball. These can be topped with a colored anti-slip coating for added safety. Type 3 MUGAs are made from polymeric surfacing with a hardwearing layer of rubber granules and a polyurethane binder. This is ideal for sports that don’t require a lot of contact such as tennis and netball.

The final choice of MUGA surface for your school will be dependent on what sports are played and the budget available. Typically, a type 4 MUGA will be the most cost-effective choice as it is a combination of type 1 and type 3 surfacing with a hardwearing shock absorbent rubber.

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