As the name , camping equipment is the gear you use to cooking camping equipment meals while camping. You’ll need it depending on your method of camping – most often, you’ll need a cook pot (like this one from GSI Outdoors) to boil water for coffee or tea and to make instant oatmeal or hard-boiled eggs. You’ll also want a camping stove, like this one from MSR, for preparing more elaborate camp meals and for cooking directly over the fire. You’ll also need a set of campfire roasting sticks or skewers to grill food such as shish kabobs, smoked sausages and crescent roll dough “pigs in blanket” or even grilled fruit. A swivel grill can be a great option for roasting meat over the fire because it allows you to move it away from and towards the flames for more control when cooking.

Delicious Feasts Under the Stars: Essential Cooking Camping Equipment

Some of the best cooking camping equipment is designed with backpackers in mind, where ultralight is a priority. For example, this innovative mess kit by GSI Outdoors features a cooking pot and frying pan that nest into each other and include common measurements printed inside for easy use. Other items you may find useful include a collapsible sink that fits into a tiny tote and a pair of heat-resistant oven gloves for handling hot pots, lids and dishes.

To keep your camping budget low, look for cooking camping equipment that is versatile and can be used in a variety of situations, such as this lightweight, flexible cutting board that rolls up into a tight bundle or a set of camping knives with a compact carrying case. Additionally, you can often save money by buying camping gear used. Checking local thrift stores and scouring Craigslist for gear can help you save money while still getting quality camping equipment that you’ll enjoy using for years to come.

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