Electronic leak detectors are designed to detect any leakage of hoses or fittings and are particularly suitable for use in the oil and gas, chemical and electric industries. The leak sensors can be calibrated and tested either electronically or manually by observing the results of pressure testing conducted. There are many types of electronic leak detectors available that include pressure transducers and leak detectors that incorporate a probe with a rotating drum. These instruments are designed to detect any leakage of hoses or fittings that are subjected to extreme pressures. A leak can result in hazardous exposure and should be immediately detected. The different electronic leak detectors available are discussed below.

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The pressure transducer is used to detect leaks in vessels such as underground storage tanks and ships. This type of leak detection instrument operates by the application of a spring constant pressure probe to the selected points. Pressure transducers produce a signal when a given area of leak is located at a specific pressure point. As a result of this action the alarm sounds off and starts an alarm system that alerts the vessel’s owner and the relevant personnel. The electronic leak detectors commonly used for this purpose are the blow tube variety and the photoelectric variety.

Another type of electronic leak detectors that is used for detecting leaks in pipes and vessels are the ultrasonic variety. These instruments produce high frequency sound waves that cause no damage to the human body. In addition to detecting leaks it can also locate and identify any objects that could be causing the leaks. Most of these instruments are engineered to provide high levels of accuracy.

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