The right sports shorts will keep you cool, dry, and looking hot and sexy — all while working hard. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just want to get into shape, the right workout shorts can help make your next sweat session the best one yet.

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There are a lot of different types of sports shorts. Each is made from a different material that offers breathability, moisture-wicking, stretch/compression, and/or protection from the elements. The type of material you choose depends on the activity you’re doing and what kind of weather is forecasted. Learn more :

Mesh is an excellent choice for gym shorts, as it promotes airflow through little holes that are woven into the fabric. Some mesh workout shorts also include moisture-wicking properties for a comfortable and odor-free experience, especially during hot climates or when working out in the rain.

Cotton is another common material used in gym shorts. It’s lightweight, breathable, and provides excellent comfort while exercising in any kind of environment.

Spandex is also a popular choice for gym shorts, as it’s form-fitting and helps prevent pulled muscles from occurring when you do exercise exercises that require a large range of motion. It’s also a great option for running, as it reduces chafing and allows you to run longer without discomfort.

Compression Shorts are another popular choice for gym shorts, as they help support your muscles to prevent strained joints and chafing. They’re especially useful for leg day at the gym when you’re doing exercises that demand a high amount of movement.

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