For many families, the tradition of a traditional Easter basket is cherished. They’re typically wicker or fabric lined with grass and set out the night before to be found on Easter Sunday morning.

What are the tools used by the basket?

This year, make it extra special by filling it with treats your recipient will love to find. From chocolate bunnies and peeps to candy-filled eggs and spring-themed stuffed animals, here are some ideas for filling an Easter basket for your kids or kids at heart.

Collapsible Bucket-Style Basket

If you’re looking for a little more creativity with your Easter basket this year, consider getting a collapsible bucket. It’s not only great for storing a few toys during the holiday, but it’s also a convenient place to store any candy that may be left over after the Easter bunny has finished his rounds. Learn more :

These collapsible buckets are a budget-friendly option and come in a variety of colors. They’re also a fun way to dress up any room in the house for the holiday.

Fidget Toy Easter Basket

If your kids are a little fidgety or sensory-sensitive, consider this pre-made set of 24 Easter and spring-themed fidget and sensory toys. The set includes a cute felt basket lined with green Easter grass that’s perfect for egg hunts or to stuff into other baskets.

JOYIN 7-Piece Easter Basket With Plushies

This cute Easter basket is filled with bunny stuffed animals and other spring-themed toys, perfect for toddlers. It’s a durable, reusable basket that will be used year after year and makes a great addition to any child’s closet.

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