A horse lead line is a length of rope used to handle a horse during daily activities and while they are not bridled for riding. It is often made of leather or nylon and may or not be attached to the halter.

Lead lines are a safety equipment for the handler, protecting them from injury should a horse pull back or buck. They are also useful for directing the animal during training and to help keep them focused. However, they can also be dangerous if the handler is not careful with their use and handling. Go here https://www.ravenox.com/products/fms-horse-tack-8-foot-1-inch-twisted-cotton-rope-horse-lead-brass-rope-clamp-and-bolt-snap-or-nickel-plated-bull-snap

When handled incorrectly, a lead can become dangerous for both the handler and the horse. When the horse pulls, it can cause abrasions and pain in the handler’s hands. It can also frighten or hurt the animal, or damage its head and face. These situations can be avoided by following a few simple rules.

Unbridled Freedom: The Versatility and Uses of a Long Horse Lead Rope

The most important thing to remember when using a lead is to be aware of the animals reactions and to avoid sudden movements and jerks. Hard jerks can make the horse nervous or even frighten it, causing them to rear. It is better to give short, gentle tugs to direct the animal.

Soft Lines’ horse leads are woven of premium double braided polyester yachting rope that stays softer and more flexible than less expensive synthetic rope. They are 8′ – 10′ long and are perfect for leading, lunging, training and Natural Horsemanship clinics and videos. They feature a heavy duty brass swivel bolt snap tested to over 2,100 lbs. that can be easily attached directly to the halter or to an additional clip or ring on the end of the lead. This adds a weighted popper to the end of the lead for quick, easy, and precise communication with your horse while training.

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