The portal for land records was launched by the government of the all states. Through the portal for land records the revenue department will be able to make land-related information of every citizen accessible online. Through the portal for land records you are able to avail of the following services, which includes searches for land records, copies of land records khasra khatauni and land maps, revenue court order the payment of land rent, the details of security documents on the land, as well as land mortgages and vision mortgage as well as all tasks can be completed. Before, people had to go to offices, but it isn’t the case anymore, you can access all documents that pertain to your property from your home or from your computer or mobile and download all the data about the land.

What is Land Record?

“Bhu” means land, and “record” means the recording where the data is processed and saved in a file so that it is able to be used in the future to determine the size of land. It includes Khasra Number, Khatauni, Genealogy and Land Map calculation data. In combining all details related to land, it is referred to as a land record. Land records are referred to under various names across various states. For instance, Land records, Khasra fard, khatian, jamabandi land information land map and laccha leaf land records, etc.

The Advantages as well as the Disadvantages Associated with Land Record

  • Citizens can obtain the information related to their land online via the portal for land records.
  • Through this website Documents are also able to be read and downloaded.
  • In the Land Records Madhya Pradesh Portal all landowners and farmers of the state are able to access their land records using their Khasra number as well as Jamabandi number.
  • By using Land records in Madhya Pradesh, the citizens of the state can access the entire details of their land , or the land online from home.
  • With the advent of the Madhya Pradesh Land Records Portal online the time of residents in Madhya Pradesh has been saved and also money has been saved.
  • People will no longer have to visit the revenue office in order to obtain information on Madhya Pradesh land records.
  • The openness between the public and the state has been increased through The Land Records Madhya Pradesh Portal.
  • All kinds of frauds is easily identified by The Land Records Madhya Pradesh Portal. Land grabbing that is illegally done by the mafia groups can be prevented.

Land Services Available on MP Bhulekh

  • भू-अभिलेख प्रतिलिपि (Copy of Land Records) ✔
  • ग्राम नक्शा (Village Map) ✔
  • भू-अधिकार पुस्तिका (Bhu-Adhikar Pustika) ✔
  • राजस्व न्यायालय आदेश प्रतिलिपि (Revenue Court Order Copy)
  • अभिलेखागार के अभिलेख प्रतिलिपिन (Record Room Document Copy)
  • प्रमाणित प्रति डाउनलोड (Certified Copy Download)
  • व्यपवर्तन सूचना (Diversion Intimation)
  • भू राजस्व भुगतान (Revenue Payment) ✔
  • वॉलेट रिचार्ज (Wallet Recharge)
  • प्रोफाइल (देखे/बदलना) (Profile View/Update)
  • पासवर्ड बदलना (Password Change)
  • भूमिस्वामी आधार (Bhumiswami aadhar E-KYC)
  • MP Bhulekh Contact Details ✔
  • Other Land Services

How do I get Land records from the Revenue Department?

There are some states that have not made land records accessible online. Additionally, with this the land records of certain districts or tehsils in states have not been available accessible online. The residents of these areas are able to go to the office of the revenue department to obtain the land records for their farmland. Below are the steps on how to get land records from the Revenue Department –

  • First , visit your revenue department’s office in your block or district.
  • Make an application for the land or field where you would like land records.
  • When you fill out the request, provide your name as well as the complete address of the land on the copy of bhu abhilekh that is sought.
  • Once the application is completed and you are satisfied with it, send it to the appropriate person or employee in the office.
  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive this land records within the time frame that is set in the regulations of the department.

Summary What’s Bhu Abhilekh as well as how do I access the land record online and print it? Its complete details are provided in a simple language. Residents of all states will be able to access government documents for their land or farm from their homes. If you have any type of issue in this regard or have any questions regarding land records, you can contact us using the comment box below. We will respond to you soon.

How do I Check Land Record online from the Official Website?

If you’d like to find information on your land property via the official web site for Bhulekh, then first foremost, you have to open Chrome browser on your phone or the device that you will be able to check the property of your land. If, for instance, you wish to access details on your smartphone you can open the Chrome browser on the smartphone, or if are looking to obtain information from your computer or laptop, then you can do this on your computer or laptop. Open Chrome browser.

Once you have opened your Chrome browser, no matter if you’ve started your Chrome browser on your either a computer or laptop or have opened your Chrome browser on your phone there will be an search box on the top. Then, you have to click on that search box and type Bhu Abhilekh in the box and then press “search” button.

If you begin to search by entering MP Bhulekh pr UP Bhulekh into Room Browser’s search bar, many websites will be displayed before you. The user have to click on the first one, as the first website to appear before you will be the official site of the scheme.

Once you click on the initial website, i.e. its official website the homepage of its official website will be displayed before you.

The homepage appears before your eyes, you’ll find a choice of a service that is free. Then, you have to click on the option for this service for free.

When you click on the link of free service, a few alternatives will begin appearing before you.

Khasra / B1/ Map

Bhu-naksha – Land Map

Copy Application form

Download – Download

Khasra / B1/ Map Copy – Khasra / B1/ Map Copy

Then, whatever you wish to write, i.e. the information you’d like to learn about your property take advantage of that chance and learn more about it.






























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