Phone number fraud scoring provides your business with a more accurate, real-time evaluation of the risk associated with a phone number. It can help you to weed out suspicious numbers and improve the user experience.

How is a fraud score calculated?

Using phone number intelligence can help you identify fraudulent behaviors such as fake accounts, bots, or robo calls. This can reduce your risk and protect your website from scams and fraud.

There are many different types of phone number fraud scoring tools. The most effective ones can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of a specific number. They display important attributes of the number such as its location and carrier and provider details.

Reverse phone lookups can also help you identify fraudulent numbers. They identify if the number belongs to a valid user or if it’s a disposable or disconnected number. If the number is a VoIP phone number, the risk is even higher.

IPQS is a phone number fraud scoring system that provides a global assessment of the risk associated with a phone number. IPQS is a trusted, industry leading source of phone number intelligence. Using the data from IPQS, you can easily identify and stop account origination and fraud activities.

IPQS also supports landlines, cell phones, and other telecom carriers. Their blacklists are updated on an hourly basis with newly reported data. By analyzing the phone numbers from all around the world, IPQS helps to detect and eliminate high-risk behavior.

Regardless of which type of intelligence tool you choose to use, it is vital that it can provide you with a reliable analysis of a phone number. It is possible to get the best results from machine learning algorithms that can be adjusted to meet your needs.

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