Testing a phone number is one of the most valuable and time-saving business technologies on the market. These tools ping the given phone number directly to the carrier network and quickly return whether the number is active or not. This non-disruptive process can be done instantly and is very efficient for organizations looking to verify a single phone number or cleanse entire lists of inactive numbers on an ongoing basis.

Testing Phone Numbers: How to Test a Phone Number

Using a phone number validation tool is the fastest and most reliable way to ensure that you are working with valid and active information. This is important because the first point of contact can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, as Salesforce research shows that 81% of customers will forgive poor service if they receive exceptional customer support.

The problem is that it can be difficult to know if a phone number is valid or not, especially when you’re trying to call. The most common method is to use a free lookup tool, but these are often unreliable and can’t reliably identify fake or disconnected numbers. Another option is to simply call the number, but this can be a waste of time and resources when the phone number is not active.

The solution is to use a real-time phone number verification tool like Voice Assure from Cyara, which can be incorporated into CRM and contact management systems. This tool tests a number against multiple global networks and provides insights into call quality including audio quality (perceptual evaluation of speech quality or PESQ), dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) functionality for IVR systems, post-dial delay, and more. The results can help prevent bad data from entering the system and save time and money by ensuring that the right information is being contacted at the right time.

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