One of the most adorable little girls around, Patti Petone is often featured in the pages of Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare” where she is a hare who are so mischievous that she steals the tail of a monkey. While we have sympathized with the idea that a child would behave in such a way, this story is not without criticism. For a book written more than two hundred years ago, it seems like a huge oversight to include a scene involving a young girl stealing the tail of a monkey. Still, the moral of the story is quite sensible – if you would rather not have anything big going on around you, be careful about what you choose to do and trust your instincts. This book is a reminder that although children are usually responsible for their own actions, they are also generally innocent and cautious of those around them.

preschool petone

Meet the Precious Petronella

In the first few minutes of the video, preschool Petone is seen attempting to steal a red toy that Pat comes to retrieve. The ensuing struggle leads Pat to drop the toy, but she continues to push it towards Pat. Eventually, Pat manages to grab the toy from underneath the falling petone and rush outside to play with it. This footage from the video reveals one important fact about the character of preschool phone: even though she is very small and cute, she is extremely determined and protective of her friends. We may not like the idea that she wants to steal a red toy, but at least Pat seems to have strong parent-child bonds with her.

Like most of the other Disney princesses, preschool petone goes through many magical transformations throughout the movie. She changes from a shy mouse to a bold and outgoing little girl, and later on she shows off her love of animals and starts showing great enthusiasm for joining the local animal rescue group. There’s even a moment when she shows signs of remembering her true identity (when the identity of the other Snow White characters is revealed), and even though we know that she will be an important part of the family for many years to come, we can’t help but feel sad for her loss. Perhaps the greatest lesson to be learned here is that although pets can be very loyal friends, losing a loved one is never easy.

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