Exponent Investment Management

Exponent Investment Management is a financial consulting firm that offers wealth allocation, pension planning and portfolio analysis services. It aims to build up an investment portfolio that’s tailored to each client’s needs and personal goals. It also takes stock of a client’s income sources such as pensions and savings accounts in order to do this.

Their team is dedicated to not being motivated by quotas, number of transactions or big sales and they continuously educate themselves to better serve their clients. They are also committed to not having any third-party commissions or incentives.

They use a fiduciary commitment that means that they are legally obligated to put their clients’ best interests ahead of their own and this approach helps keep them accountable as well as maintain a high level of trust between advisors and their clients.

The History and Evolution of Exponent Investment Management

The company also takes pride in not being driven by quotas or making big sales and they invest in the latest technology to help them serve their clients better. They have a very human approach to wealth management and understand that not all wealth is the result of happy events such as a loved one’s death or the closure of a beloved business.

As the largest fee-based financial advisor firm in Ottawa, they adopt a simple approach to designing financial services that meet each client’s need. They specialize in helping business owners and professionals move from active business or professional income to retirement investments. With a well-seasoned and client-centered team, they are a top-rated Ottawa financial advisory firm to consider working with in 2022-2023.

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