A gate caster is a wheeled rolling device that assists in the opening and closing of gates. These items are also known as fence wheels, swivel casters, or casters. They are a great way to make opening and closing heavy gates less stressful and more convenient. You can find a variety of different models and styles in our online catalog. If you need help deciding on which one to purchase, our staff is more than happy to help. This link : https://www.castercity.com/gate-casters/

How do you install caster wheels?

While the old standby caster is still around, there are newer models available that are designed for better performance and durability. Whether you need a single caster or a set of four, you are sure to find something that meets your needs. Several companies, including Service Caster Corporation, offer a wide range of gate casters. Our customers include industrial and commercial businesses, as well as homeowners who require extra security and peace of mind.

When choosing the best caster for your needs, consider the weight, slope, and other factors before purchasing. Choosing a caster that has a high enough weight capacity and a smooth, non-marring surface will ensure that your gate is always safe and secure. Having a caster with a spring rated compression will also allow your caster wheels to roll more smoothly and efficiently on rough surfaces.

Some manufacturers even have a built-in braking system that provides a safety feature that prevents your caster from spinning out of control. However, they aren’t meant to stop your caster from rolling over an incline, and are only used for traction when traveling in a straight line.

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