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While your local hardware and grocery store is likely stocked with cans of pesticide for DIY home treatments, some types of infestations require professional help to be removed. Professionals have access to more effective pesticides that can’t be sold to the general public, and they know how to use them safely for both you and your pets.

Some local exterminators also specialize in particular types of pest control. You’ll find that they offer more effective and cost-effective solutions than a general pest control company. For example, a local company that offers rodent control may offer special baits and traps that aren’t available in stores, or they may be able to seal entry points using materials such as wood, steel and concrete.

Knocking Out Pests with Expertise: Why Local Exterminators are Your First Line of Defense

Another reason to choose a local exterminator is that they will be familiar with the problems and pests that are common in your area. This helps ensure that their technicians are using the most effective remediation methods for your specific situation. For example, New York City’s dense population means that cockroaches are often found in apartment buildings and homes. But the same crowded conditions that foster pests like roaches also promote other pest problems, such as bed bugs and rats.

Similarly, the mosquitoes that populate North Carolina’s Lake Norman region aren’t just annoying; they can carry disease and cause itchy bites. A local mosquito control company can reduce the population by applying an insecticide around your house and in your yard.

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