What is a confetti cannon ball? Confetti cannons are air-powered balls that shoot out miniature confetti (which can be anything – like confetti, mini chocolate treats, bubbles, or anything else you can imagine) in rapidfire. They usually have a handle on top and come in many different sizes and speeds. They are not only used for birthday parties, but also for many other celebrations. Here are some of the more popular ones:

confetti cannon


Best Make Confetti Cannon You Will Read This Year (In 2015)

What makes a confetti cannon so much fun is that one doesn’t need to hold any supplies – it’s simply one hand held piece of equipment. They are a great novelty for parties, weddings, bachelor parties, and for any kind of gathering where there is a good amount of dancing involved. They are made from many different materials, including plastic and even ceramic, and come in all sorts of colors and sizes.

When using confetti cannons at a wedding or similar celebration, it is important to use the right type of streamers. If everyone is holding the same kind of streamer, the room will seem disorganized and chaotic. It is important to match the colors and sizes of the streamers for every person, as well as having them go in different patterns and sizes. There is nothing worse than having the streamers stop dead in their tracks, as well as the lighting. When using streamers to make a large celebration, it’s best to go with something less messy, more elegant, and with a nice texture rather than something that is very shiny and sparkly.

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