When it comes to laying floor tiles, stone, carpet, timber, or vinyl, the quality of the screed is essential. A good screeders will eliminate all the dips and bumps that would otherwise be left behind making it difficult to lay the final flooring of your choice. A good screed will also improve the strength of your floor and reduce the risk of structural cracking.

A screed is a thin, top layer of material that can be made from either concrete or sharp sand and cement, traditionally used to cover a structural flooring concrete slab or in the case of industrial floors, on a precast concrete floor slab. It can be bonded directly to the floor, laid unbonded on a damp proof membrane or applied as a floating screed over a layer of thermal or acoustic insulation.

Best Screeders for Your Project

The right screeder for your project should have extensive experience and a strong portfolio of work, as well as a highly skilled workforce, modern equipment and up to date technology. They will have the ability to manage all aspects of a commercial or industrial floor screed from planning, choice of screed constructions, and mix designs through to delivery of the final product on time and within budget.

A simple two-by-four may be sufficient to level a small patio, but for large commercial or industrial slabs, you’ll need a power screed that can improve your productivity while creating a perfectly flat surface. The best power screeders are engineered to create a uniform vibration throughout the length of the blade to prevent settling and ensure your finished screed meets a minimum F-number tolerance.

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