Whether you run a medical office, retail center or any other business, keeping your commercial space clean is a must. Germs & bacteria thrive on surfaces that are not cleaned & disinfected regularly. Cleanliness translates to better productivity, employee morale & enhanced customer interactions.

What is the daily 6 cleaning checklist?

But it takes more than just hiring a janitorial company that can handle all your cleaning needs. You need a team that can be trusted to show up consistently & do a great job each time. Dedicated professionals that you can depend on are hard to find & are the ones you should contact for your office cleaning long island. Go here

Getting your commercial spaces professionally cleaned can save you more than just money on expensive repairs and replacements. It also protects your assets & prevents your staff from falling ill. Our janitorial service technicians offer affordable cleaning solutions that can keep your business looking like new & fresh for longer.

The outside of your building tells the world a lot about your business. Grungy walkways, cluttered outdoor trash bins, storm debris and stray pet waste can all give a poor first impression. Scheduled power washing services help keep your exterior areas fresh & safe for visitors.

Stunning community attractions, including museums, parks, scenic lighthouses and many other sites of interest, make Long Island a beautiful place to live and work. It is also home to Hofstra, Stony Brook University and Molloy College. With its longstanding expertise in higher education facilities, Executive Cleaning Services uses high-quality materials to sanitize lecture halls and offices throughout the area.

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