Sansevieria, also known as types of sansevieria plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, are an incredibly hardy houseplant. It is one of the few plants that can withstand almost anything short of extreme cold and excessive watering. It is a tough, evergreen plant that comes in many varieties, but most commonly it has long sword-like leaves with cross-bands and can grow to be quite tall. The most common variety is Sansevieria trifasciata. This variety, formerly called Cleopatra Snake Plant, is the most widely seen type of sansevieria. It grows well in moderately warm temperatures and thrives in bright indirect sunlight. It has very long, elongated leaves that are green in color and have light gray-green cross-bands. The edges of the leaves are a mix of white and yellow and it has a very textured appearance.

Sensational Sansevieria: A Guide to Different Types and Varieties

There are several other types of sansevieria that come with various colors and textures of the leaves. For example, the Black Gold Sansevieria (Dracaena trifasciata var. ‘Black Gold’) is a variant of the classic snake plant that features dark green with gold trim. This plant has a distinct look that is easily recognizable. The Whitney Sansevieria, formerly called the Variegated Snake Plant or Whitney, is another variant of the plant. It has a very distinct appearance and is a little less tall than the other two varieties of sansevieria.

The variegated plant was developed in a nursery from a sansevieria trifasciata with olive-green leaves that have stripes of yellow, light green and white. This version of the snake plant has a unique look that will bring life to any room. It does best in medium to bright indirect light and is extremely hardy. It is a good choice for the novice plant owner as it requires minimal care and can withstand a wide range of temperature conditions.

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