piercing supplies

If you’re looking to open your own piercing studio, you’ll need a variety of piercing supplies. This includes sterile needles and a spill kit. It’s also helpful to have a hand sanitizer dispenser in your studio. These can be quite cheap and are an excellent addition to any tat studio. These will ensure that your clients and you stay sanitary and protected from infection.

Winning Tactics For Essential Piercing Supplies For A Successful Tattoo Studio

In addition to needles and forceps, you’ll also need a receiving tube. These help hold the jewelry in place while the needle is inserted. Depending on the type of piercing you’re performing, you may want to invest in a curved or straight pair of hemostat forceps. In any case, you should find the right type for your client and use them often. A receiving tube helps prevent the needle from puncturing the nostril during the procedure.

Another essential part of any piercing studio is a large supply of hollow needles. These are available in varying gauges and should be stored in sterile packaging until they’re used. In order to achieve a smooth, clean result, you’ll need a large supply of needles. A receiving tube will also help guide the needle in the correct direction, so that it doesn’t go through the nostril.

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