everflo oxygen concentrator for sale

Everflo oxygen concentrator for sale  for sale is an efficient and quiet way to provide a steady stream of oxygen at home. It weighs in at just 31 pounds, so it won’t be a burden to move around the house.

Unlike other machines, the EverFlo uses less power to deliver continuous oxygen flow and requires minimal maintenance, so it’s an excellent choice for patients who don’t want to spend their time worrying about cleaning, replacing or storing oxygen equipment. It also offers a number of features to keep oxygen therapy reliable and safe, such as audible and visual alarms that signal if your machine has problems with power, system errors or oxygen flow/purity.

The EverFlo’s interface is straightforward and easy to use, with a simple on/off switch and a rotating flow meter knob. The user interface also has three indicator lights (green, yellow, red) to keep you informed about the operational status of your oxygen therapy.

Is a Used EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator Worth the Cost? Comparing Prices and Quality

Another safety feature is the Oxygen Percentage Indicator that will alert you if oxygen purity dips below 82%. This will help prevent the risk of oxygen poisoning.

Respironics also designed the EverFlo to be durable, so it’s built with a recessed flow meter and metal cannula connection that are less likely to break. Additionally, a humidifier bottle platform is included so you can attach your standard bubble humidifier with ease.

The EverFlo is one of the most affordable and versatile stationary oxygen concentrators available, featuring an advanced motor that delivers a 5 LPM continuous oxygen flow at a lower cost than other products. It also uses less electricity than most other stationary concentrators and produces less heat to reduce overall oxygen therapy costs.

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