The shroom house is a unique home that was built in the mid-to late-60s by an architect named Dale Naegle for Sam Bell of General Mills and Bell’s Potato Chips. It’s a cool place to explore, but be aware that it is no longer open and that it is not legal to enter.

KATU 99 oz canada that police raided the West Burnside storefront in Portland that had been selling psychedelic mushrooms for a little over six weeks, drawing long lines and attention from the local media. The owner, 32-year-old Steven Tachie Jr. of Canada, and 42-year-old store manager Jeramiahs Geronimo pleaded not guilty Monday to 40 felony charges in Multnomah County Circuit Court, according to court records. A former employee says Tachie is a hip-hop artist known by the stage name Young Sleezy and drives a Mercedes G-Glass SUV with Canadian plates.

Unveiling the Deal: The Buzz around $99 Oz Cannabis in Canada

He and his team sold mushrooms that were supposedly grown in Oregon but may have come from the gray market. They required customers to sign up for the “Shroom House Society” and submit ID. The products were expensive, and a few tests conducted by Willamette Week proved that some did contain psilocybin, but others contained only the synthetic compound acetylpsilocin.

In 2020, voters approved Measure 109, which allowed adults 21 and over to take psilocybin at licensed service centers under the supervision of trained facilitators, but it does not permit retail sales. Oregon police say that a number of things led up to the raid on Shroom House, including complaints from a city inspector and an anonymous tip.

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